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ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO – Survive the Tech Clash and Follow Top Technology Trends

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ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO – Survive the Tech Clash and Follow Top Technology Trends
Technology is evolving so fast that top technology trends’ yearly predictions may appear outdated before they can even go live as a published blog post or article. As technology emerges, it allows even more rapid change and advancement, increasing the acceleration of the rate of change, until finally, it will become exponential. Our love for technology has hit a turning point as it is now an integral part of our daily life. Our expectations for how it is developed, implemented, and delivered have grown exponentially.

What does this indicate to you? It implies staying abreast of top technology trends. And it involves keeping your eyes on the future, to identify which skills you must possess and what changes you might need to implement to stay relevant in this competitive world.

First, here are six top technology trends you must watch out for in 2020, and some ways to adapt to these top technology trends.


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