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OnPassive by shankar sai baddi india & Bill Must

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OnPassive is water for thirsty.

OnPassive is food for starvation.

OnPassive is home for homeless.

OnPassive is employment for unemployment.

OnPassive is best for worst.

OnPassive is hope for hopeless.

OnPassive is cure for injury.

OnPassive is correction for corruption.

OnPassive is simple for hard.

OnPassive is gift for world.

OnPassive is good thing for humanity.

Every founder will have ability to bless the humanity and that all credit goes to great person in the world Mr. Ash Mufareh who cares people. OnPassive is like oxygen and water no one can avoid OnPassive. they have to have that whether they like it or not.
Shankar Baddi – India.

A Bill Must Production

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