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#ONPASSIVE: I am liking this time It’s the Build that gets me excited – Gregory Hill – USA

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I am liking this time. It’s the Build that gets me excited.
It’s those of us working our business of Onpassive who are creating, inventing, re-thinking, doing extra, staying the course, staying positive, lifting up others, learning about the immense amount of product we are going to have for our needs in our everyday life and our business life.
It’s much easier to be patient when you are involved doing your one thing a day at this point like Ash as said to do… even if it is just thought about positively.
I don’t see Ash asking for much from us as Founders I see him on a regular basis live and listening to Founders and the needs they may have, working his side of the business of Onpassive to make it better for all. Seeing there is no stone unturned and the T’s crossed and the I’s dotted for all of the Founders whether your In It To Win It or just in it for yourself.
Why except Failor when you get it right the first time and not have failor?
I’ll go with the first time approach.
I’ll go with staying the course and keeping my mouth shut.
I’ll give room where the room is necessary for success.
I’ll be happy for the Done Deal.
If we are truly In It To Win It, then that means whatever it takes.
Yes Onpassive is going to make a big statement and I want that to happen, I’m also sure our C.E.O does also there are some Big Tech Companies out there but if I had it my way I want to be the one one top and creating the new top for everyone else to follow would’t you?
I get Ash, Totally.
I know there are many here who get it as well.
We are O-Strong, We are O-caring, and above all.
We are with you and wait for your O-timing.
Bringing us to O-T.F
for LIFE !
Gregory Hill – United States

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