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#ONPASSIVE – My Blood Is Extra Sweet True Positivity In Onpassive – Dr IDRIS MODI (HOH)

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#ONPASSIVE – My Blood Is Extra Sweet True Positivity In Onpassive – Dr IDRIS MODI (HOH)

My Blood Is Extra Sweet

True Positivity In Onpassive 🌈

This story is from Kuwait.

A young doctor said: I have a diabetic patient who comes to my clinic on a regular basis to ensure his diabetes is under control.
He is in his late 60s, he is an amazing man with great spirit. Every time I share with him the results of his blood work no matter what it is, he would say Almighty I thank you for all of your blessings and I praise you for all things for this disease.
One time I said uncle how come you say thank God for being diabetic!
He replied with smile and face full of contentment: Doctor, I thank God and give Him what he is worthy of for all things, My disease is a blessing for me compared to others diseases I have seen people suffering from!

► Almighty gave me a disease that does not cause pain like other illnesses.
► A disease that makes me do a check up every 6 months on all my body so I stay healthy otherwise I never cared before to do any check up.
► Almighty gave me a disease that led me to be more active and led to me developing healthy eating habits.
► Almighty gave me a disease that led me to know such nice doctor. We met and have spend time together for the last few years and we are regular friends.
► Almighty even gave me a disease that has a sweet name ❝sugar❞.

The doctor was shocked by his attitude, it is very true your attitude will determine your altitude!

The doctor said: ❝This man inspired me to stay positive more than any motivational talk I ever attended or book I read❞, and I can say the same and more.

I have reflection connected to Onpassive, I would like to share with you regarding this story:

☆ My first thought and reflection is that positive attitude is the secret behind success in onpassive. Staying positive doesn’t mean you don’t have problems and you are not facing big challenges in life. It means that you see opportunities in your difficulty.

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