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#ONPASSIVE REAL DIAMOND Identification of Real and Fake – Dr Idris Modi

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#ONPASSIVE – REAL DIAMOND *Identification of Real and Fake*

Thousands of ideas come in our mind in one day and hundreds of thoughts. we also hear and know different people. There are many Positive Thoughts which motivate us and there are many negative thoughts that make us Demotivated.

Once a Court of the King was set under the open sky.

There was a cool weather and the golden sun was giving light to everyone.

People with various types of knowledge were displaying their art in front of king.
A magician was showing his magic, then a singer was singing the sweet song. All scholars were given a chance to show their art.

Then came a trader. He had two shiny diamonds.
He placed diamonds in front of the king and said, “I want to test knowledge of your people.” Keep these two diamonds in front of everyone, one of them is real and one is fake.

Tell any person in your kingdom to identify the real diamond ,and i will give real diamond to that person otherwise you have to pay me money equal to the price of the real diamond.

The king accepted the condition and asked his people to identify the real diamond from both the diamonds.

One by one qualified person came but can not identify the real diamond because both diamonds looked alike and both were much brighter in sun.

The king was greatly distressed that no one in his empire could recognize the real diamond. According to the condition, money is going to be given to the merchant.

Suddenly then a blind person shouted loudly, “I can identify the real diamond, let me get a chance.”
Everyone was Surprised, how would the blind person recognize the real diamond?

But the king did not have any other way, he ordered the blind person to identify the diamond.

The blind man raised both the diamonds in his hand and said, “The diamond in my right hand is the real diamond and the diamond in the left hand is of glass.”

The king said, “How can you say that the diamond in your right hand is real?”

The blind person said, “My right-handed diamond is not too hot due to heat, it is cold, so this is the real diamond, whereas my second hand diamond has become hot with the sun, so it is made of glass. Is artificial.

The merchant accepted the idea of ​​blind person and said, as “The Diamond told by the blind person is real and now according to the condition this diamond goes to this blind person.

But the blind man who recognized the identity of real diamond, did not even know me.

My second way of identifying the real diamond is also there
The king said, “What’s your way?” You also let us know how to identify real diamonds. ”

Then the trader took both the diamonds in his hand and dropped it on the ground. Duplicate diamond was broken by the fall and the other was completely right.
The trader said, “The diamond which was fake and made of glass, broke and there was no damage to real.”

King was very happy and rewarded the merchant and merchant gave real diamond to blind person according to condition.

Friends! Similarly in this world there are two types person. A successful person, whose habit is like a diamond, and the other is an unsuccessful person whose nature is like glass.

Just as the original diamond does not absorb heat on its surface and is always kept cool, in the same way a successful person does not accept negative thoughts and is always successful.

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