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#ONPASSIVE! THE INTERNET TAKEOVER! – Charles Gabula – United Kingdom

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THE INTERNET TAKEOVER! No one knew at the beginning, that the internet would change our lives forever.

One man saw the future and decided to build websites for companies that had no idea how the internet even worked.

Those companies who got on in the beginning today they’ve made fortunes.

We’re about to enter a new technological revolution that will change all of our lives.
The New Biggest Disruptor in Technology driven by “AI ONPASSIVE” since the invention of internet.
It’s inevitable. And you’ll get used it.

But most importantly, it offers those joining early the chance to be part of history in the making.
Just like the internet, social media and video streaming revolution did before…
ONPASSIVE is set to replace the “old internet” as we know it.
The “FOUNDERS” are at the forefront of this technological revolution.

We are the first movers in this largest emerging technology of the century.
“It will fundamentally change the way we do the interneting.”
A once in a generation opportunity…To be at the forefront
The next few years this may be intense as more companies try to jump on the bandwagon. But ONPASSIVE for sure will be ahead of the bandwagon.
This will be the biggest thing since the internet itself. “OCATMO”
Very soon everyone will be rushing to get in on this, not just everyday folks like you…
But also, some of the largest corporations in the world will be joining it’s only a matter of time.
I predict that half of the world economy will be rebuilt on this one New Technology!
This technology will take over the internet by storm
This development is big, and this technological revolution really is similar to how the social media transformed all of our lives… This new technology will rebuild the largest industries in our economy…
As no one actually owns the Internet, and no single person or organization controls the Internet in its entirety. I believe ONPASSIVE can claim the ownership of the internet.
That’s why those who get in early…. before ONPASSIVE launches to the mass adoption –
…could reap the biggest rewards.
Charles Gabula – United Kingdom

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