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Thank You Sir Ash Crossed 200k Founders and Still Winning – Sunny Malex Achulifur

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Thank You Sir Ash Crossed 200k Founders and Still Winning – Sunny Malex Achulifur
OOOH Wow! Wow, just look at that- what blessings on our path.. What a business… What a community. What a leadership council. What an engineering and tech team. What a CEO and Founder. Thank you all for all you have done and sacrificed to make this happen for us all…..

I am so grateful to Sir Ash and honored to be giving an opportunity to be an integral part of this movement at this phase in history creation, breaking records upon records and in the course of that touching lives all over the world. And this is only the beginning!

No disrespect to any Christian or people of faith that i am one, but even after 2000 years, the Gopel of Yeshau Hammashiach is still to reach the entire world but #Gofounders/#ONPASSIVE has already reached everywhere and has conquered the whole world in just two years running! Now at over 200K founders, we have crossed the point of no return. I love the decision I took, having abandoned everything I was doing for this vision.

THANK YOU Sir Ash Mufareh. We are winning!

In IT TO Win It! 100% X 100%

Sunny Malex

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