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To dream the impossible dream – John White & Bill Must

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To Dream, the Impossible Dream has become a reality!! Our Hearts are Beating with Excitement with the Arrival of Our Dreamboat!! That Dreamboat is OnPassive!! Founders let us All Board OnPassive and let it take Us to Any Destination we want! OnPassive is leaving All of our Financial Problems Behind Us! Total Financial Freedom is what we have with OnPassive!! Suddenly the Mental Anguish and Fatigue have Vanished!!! We are No Longer Slaves To what we Don’t Have!! OnPassive has given us the Means to be masters over our Financial Woes!! OnPassive Is Our Dreamboat!! OnPassive’s Dreamboat has Tamed the Raging Waters of the Internet! People for Decades have had nothing but Heartache and Massive Disappointment when trying to Navigate the Unrelenting Waters of the Internet, trying to Make Money. They have been Tossed from Pillar to Post!! Many have been Shipped Wrecked!!!OnPassive Dreamboat is sending out Lifeboats, to help them get on Our Dreamboat called OnPassive!!! All of Us are on OnPassive’s Dreamboat because We Are in It to Win It!!! A Hearty Debt of Gratitude to Our Captain Ash Mufareh and his Crew!!!!!

There is a Miracle that is about to happen, for those who have tried to have success on the Internet!! For those who have Struggled and lost money online, Relief is on the way!! For those who have dreamed to Have a Better Life, for themselves and their Families, Relief is Finally Here!! When this Miracle happens: The World of the Internet will undergo a Complete Makeover; that will have an Everlasting Impact on All who need Help!! That Miracle is called OnPassive!! Yes, OnPassive!!! Created by a Man whose sole purpose is the Lifting of All who have been lost and Forgotten by Most! The Creator of OnPassive is Mr. Ash Mufareh!! Mr. Mufareh’s Goal is to Lift Up Everyone, from situations that have caused Financial Devastation and Grief!! Mr. Mufareh created OnPassive for the Benefit of Humanity!! OnPassive is built on an Unselfish act of Love that Pours out from the very Heart of Mr. Mufareh!!! OnPassive is Years Ahead of Any other Company that exists Online! There is No Company that can Compete with OnPassive because those Companies are built for the Benefit of their Owners and Owners’ Selective Friends!! Mr. Ash Mufareh has Graciously Shared OnPassive with the Founders of OnPassive!! OnPassive is an I.T. and A. I. Driven Company that will satisfy the desire of Everyone to be Successful on The Internet!! Gone will be the Heartaches, Headaches, and Utter Despair of those who use OnPassive Digital Products!! Gone will be the Fear of Failure! Everyone who lets OnPassive is a Part of their Lives will Succeed on the Internet!!! That is The Miracle and Power of OnPassive!!! OnPassive is for Real!!! The Global Family, of OnPassive Founders, led by Mr. Ash Mufareh and That Incredible Staff in India, wants Everyone to Feel the Love that We have for each other and the Love we have for All Humanity!!!
Can you Feel the Fire That is Burning inside of all of Us??? It Is a Fire that has been Ignited by our Passion for OnPassive!!! It is a Passion that cannot be Extinguished. The Source of that Fire is coming from Mr. Ash Mufareh who created OnPassive!!! When OnPassive hits the Internet; it will set the Internet on Fire!! No Competitors will be able to Stop the Fire!! Millions of people who have been Trapped in the 97% who have Failed on the Internet will be let Loose to participate in the Global Fire called OnPassive!! Burned Down will be the Old Technologies that have held us all as captives and keeping us from our Financial Dreams!! That house that we always wanted, We Will Have that House! Never will there be a concern about helping those in need because; we will not need financial help! We will be able to help others who are in Need!! Any Dream that we have will all be Realized with OnPassive! OnPassive is our Panacea for our Financial Lives. Think about shopping for anything that we desire, without worrying about how much it Cost!! Eating in Restaurants that have no prices, attached to the menu, and not having to worry about if you can afford it!! Vacations, Vacations anywhere that is safe; and staying until you start feeling homesick!! OnPassive will enable us to do that!! OnPassive is Relentless!! OnPassive is Always Advancing!! Never Going Backwards!! OnPassive is the Company of which Dreams are made !!! Let Us Keep It Going!! Keep the Fire Burning!! We Are All in It to Win It!! Thank You Mr. Ash Mufareh!!!

John White USA.

A Bill Must Production

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