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OnPassive is finally the Rescuer for all who use the Internet and have found all their dreams about making money hopeless! The Internet has been covered over and made complicated; and that has caused ; those who do not have the Expertise; to make the Internet a productive Vehicle; for making money. OnPassive has Lifted that Cover that has Blanketed the Internet for Decades. When OnPassive is Launched to the World, people who use OnPassive’s AI Lead Technology, will create a Leveled Playing Field for all who are not Gurus or technically savvy individuals! That Forgotten 97% who failed, trying to make money on the Internet, will finally be recognized as Winners: Not Losers!

The Man who did not forget about the 97% who Failed, has created OnPassive as the way to completely Reverse that Failure: To Everyone Will Now Be Able to Make Money on The Internet!! It took a Man with Vision, Love, Empathy, Compassion and the knowledge, of how to make money, on the Internet, to help those in Need of Guidance. OnPassive Reflects its creator Mr. Ash Mufareh! We are Blessed to be in his Sphere of Influence!! OnPassive is that Beacon of Light that is Guiding those in these Turbulent waters of the Internet to Safety and Financial Security!! OnPassive will Massively cause 100’s of Millions to have a better life as Customers of OnPassive’s New AI Technology. We know that most will be customers and just need OnPassive to save them money while conducting their businesses Online. For that: we Love them! But for the ones who want to have more out of Life; the Founders Position is the Ultimate place to be a part of OnPassive! In that position you will be able to help more people realize their Financial goals! It is a Unique Position to attain. It is a Goldmine!!! With the Founders Position we will be able to Feed the Hungry and provide shelter for those who have been Disenfranchised, the poor who barely are able to eat day to day; just to name a few. OnPassive is Like Love!! Love is Caring about People. Love has no Borders or Boundaries! Love has no Limits!! OnPassive Is Just Like Love!! OnPassive cares about People, and OnPassive does not care who you are or what country or Race you are!! OnPassive is Built on Love!! What Unites us as Founders is the Love, we have for each other and all People! OnPassive was Designed so that no one is left behind. Mr. Mufareh’s Love for People Moved him to Design a company that is People Friendly!! We are a Universal Family with a Goal to help as many as Possible to change their Financial Destiny ! We as Founders will be able to help!!Very soon the best kept Secret on the Internet will Emerge as the most Successful company ever to be Publicly launched on the Internet!! The Internet will change forever!!
OnPassive will be the Biggest Disrupter ever to hit the Internet!!! This Disrupter will Shake Up all Tech Companies and Other Companies that have been Massive Failures for People who use Their Products and Services!! Imagine This: A Company Built to Reverse the Financial misfortunes of hard-working people. Never has a company been Designed to Do That!! OnPassive is that Company!! OnPassive will set records that will Never be Broken! Hundreds of Millions of People being able to use the Internet without fear of being taken advantage of by Companies that put Profits Above People!!
The companies that now operate with putting Profits Above People, will Ultimately go out of Business when, OnPassive’s Disruptive Business Model is Introduced to the world!! Never has there been a company Built on helping People!! OnPassive Is that Company!!! Make No Mistake about this: OnPassive will be a Massive Money Maker!! The Money generated by OnPassive will be Shared by OnPassive with Its Founders!! The Founders, with Giving Spirits, will share the wealth with others who need Help!! What a Loving and Powerful way, of Showing just how much ,we as , Founders feel about, those who are less Fortunate than Others!! Mr. Ash Mufareh and his Staff are Responsible for the Design of OnPassive!! We as Founders Can’t Thank Them Enough for what they have Given Us!! OnPassive!!!

Those who become a part of; and use OnPassive’s Technologically Superior Products will be Amazed!! For Founders, OnPassive has Rescued Us!! We are In It to Win It!! A Heartfelt Thanks to Mr. Ash Mufareh and His Staff of Technological Geniuses !!!!

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