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Both Humans and Animals! – John White & Bill Must

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Hello Founders in OnPASSIVE, we know that OnPASSIVE is going to be a Monumental help for all who need help in a world that has not been focused on the majority of Humanity! There is also a segment that is loved by humanity; that has touched the hearts of Billions; that has been friends when we needed them; that has been right by our sides, to help us when we needed help the most! That segment has rescued Many from harm and is always ready to help when others do not! That Segment is abused and mistreated;but continue to be loyal! We know that Segment as the Animal Kingdom! Yes the Domestic Animal Kingdom! The many sad face and starving animals we see in those commercials is sad! Animal shelters are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of animals looking for loving homes for them to live in! We as founders will make a difference for them! It creates in us a warm feeling to know that with OnPASSIVE; we will make a better life not only for Humanity: But also for the Animals we Love! Mr. Ash Mufareh’s OnPASSIVE is the Ultimate Game Changer! All it takes is the desire to help and the Money to Act upon that Desire! OnPASSIVE will provide the Resources! We founders will do the rest!! Thanks Mr.Ash Mufareh and family for being different makers in countless lives: Both Humans and Animals!
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