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I am celebrating Ash Mufareh – Thekla Arpe & Bill Must

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Since I am an OnPassive-family-member I´m celebrating Ash Mufareh.
for giving us the opportunity to helping each other and to lift up humanity around the globe!.
I celebrate you Ash, that you treat the founders like partners, even like family members, because yes – we are a family, we are the human family that is connected in the heart all over the world – we just have to feel this!.
I celebrate that you encourage people to come into their full power, to live their full potential – so that they can serve humanity with passion and Love!.
I celebrate that almost 560.000 people are connected and moving closer together globally in a way that the whole world has probably never seen before!.
I celebrate that we are the energy that undoes the separation – because our consciousness of Love will bring us back together!.
I celebrate that we can experience ourselves in a completely new way on this journey and that old patterns of a lack-consciousness can dissolve!.
I celebrate you Ash, that you enable us to turn Poverty into Prosverterty! And it´s already happening, in our hearts, in our minds – we are letting hope and dreams thrive already!.
I celebrate that we can inspire each other to be courageous and to trust… ourself, our inner Voice/inner Wisdom, trust the OnPassive -Movement, trust the universe!.
I celebrate that a loving, partnership-based and respectful approach and communication is cultivated by you, Ash!.
I celebrate your eternal love to every living being!.
I celebrate your wisdom and your genius energy of thinking big!
I celebrate your high ethical and moral values, the transparency and thruthfulness you bring to the philosophy of OnPassive.
I celebrate that with your vision we are breaking a cycle that will lead us all into Freedom, Love and Peace!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Mr. Ash Mufareh!

Thekla Arpe – Germany

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