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O-Trim! size matters! Say more than just giving a link to your post!

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O-Trim! size matters!
Say more than just giving a link to your post! Make every message meaningful.
Know more about O-Trim
O-Trim is a URL trimming tool created by ONPASSIVE. The tool is enriched with a unique
capacity to shorten the URL link of the given website. It makes a URL that is easy to send,
share, broadcast and publicize on social media and other platforms.
The customization of the website URL in O-Trim is needed in today’s world. Most often, we
come across websites that have lengthy link address that sometimes gets broken and lost
in the plethora of a number of website information. Here, O-Trim comes in handy and gets
the job done by reducing the lengthy URL into a small one and is able to have a smooth
transition from one user to another that finally leads to a landing page on the social
O-Trim is used to track URL created by a registered user and access the user’s location. It
also gives an option to add an alias name to identify the shortened URL. It also helps the
users to retrieve the original URL. O-Trim provides security for the created shorten URL by
sending an email authentication for sharing to external user thereby increasing its
efficiency and usage among the customer base.
Key features of O-Trim
Present every post and message with a link to your page that is prim and adds to the value of your brand. O-Trim comes with multiple features that does so much more than just shortening a URL link.

Shorten a long URL
Add a name for the shortened URL.
Track past links and add a name to past links.
Answer support related queries in an easy way.
Search and find an alias name for the URL.
The tool to shorten long URL links for easy access and enhance performance.

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