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#ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO: How graphic designing plays a significant role in the world of advertising

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Advertisements are appealing to the eye and have a strong connection with the viewers as they are made to form that bond and leave a mark in the hearts and minds of the audience. The main USP of Graphic Designing is the fact that it has added a new flair in the profile of a brand which has further increased the brand’s visibility and awareness. The influence of Graphic Designing on the customers is crucial and forms the main criteria for the consumers to make a choice of buying that particular product/service that is displayed in the advertisement.

Until recently, graphic design was considered as an essential part of the animated and movies world and the limitation was set due to the publicity of these two sectors. However, with a lot of commercial advertisements, in both print and electronic media, Graphic Designing has had a huge inflow of publicity and recognition as it gives importance to the appeal of the human eye.

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