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#ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO: Voice Search Impacting Search Engine Optimization

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The technology we have today was difficult to imagine a few years ago. We have made significant progress and the great minds across the world are collaborating like never before to innovate. A lot is often spoken about the technologies that cause disruption and then there are some technological features that quietly sneak into our gadgets and transform our everyday communication. One such feature is Voice search.

In 1952, Audrey was invented by the “Bell laboratories”. The voice recognition software could only understand the numbers. However, this progress has sparked a long line of innovations is voice recognition devices. Ten years later, in 1962 “The Showbox” was able to understand 16 English words. Eventually, the device was enhanced to comprehend 9 consonants and 4 vowels. Today we have Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. assisting us in with directions on road, informing us about the weather, order pizza, helping us pick a restaurant, etc.

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