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#ONPASSIVE: Hopefully What’s happening very soon Now – Huzefa Handy – India

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480,000 GoFounders, welcome you to the busiest month for Onpassive pre-launch, the month of product launches, the month of BETA testing, the month where the chances of the soft launch are very realistic. remember we are GoFounders, the 1% founders of Onpassive, irrespective of how many have joined to date, we will always remain the exclusive 1% members. As a Gofounder, you have paid for a year service to onpassive for marketing, for running a campaign and generate sales automatically, without you really having nothing to do at all. Remember whether you have zero team members or a 100,000 in your team summary. It’s the company’s efforts that will generate the remaining 99% members and place them below you, build your team for you, and its this 99% effort that will really make the difference, in terms of the compensation to each gofounder in the next 3 to 5 years. this is a very realistic opportunity @ $97, that we all GoFounders should not miss sharing with our loved ones, friends and family, take that leap of faith, belief, go for it, its a done deal, it’s real……we are in it to win it. Huzefa Handy – India. A Bill Must Production

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