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#ONPASSIVE – I Thank God for Mr. Ash Mufareh and Team for Working Tirelessly Sedjie Elma Maaga

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#ONPASSIVE – I Thank God for Mr. Ash Mufareh and Team for Working Tirelessly Sedjie Elma Maaga
I wouldn’t have ever dreamt that I would be part of Worldwide ONPASSIVE, a company worth more than Billions of Dollars!!! Given the poverty-stricken environment that I grew up in, I’m very humbled and eternally grateful to God for Mr. Ash Mufareh, all supportive Leadership Council- including Marina Favit from South Africa, all the hardworking professional staff working with the CEO to finalize AI & IT gadgets! I’m grateful for Leaders such as Modiegi Rose, also from South Africa for her REMARKABLE PASSION in continuously supporting Founders!! I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to alleviate poverty within my families, communities (inclusive of scholarships for orphans & vulnerable children; Old-age homes, hospices) etc.

Marina’s utube interview with Tyra from Canada was AWESOME & informative especially when Tyra asked her: WHY ONPASSIVE? Thanks Marina!

I thank God for Mr Ash Mufareh & his entire support team who work tirelessly for the benefit of the entire world…..something completely unheard of!!! We’re In It to Win It!!!

Sedjie Elma Maaga

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