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#ONPASSIVE is the ANSWER – John White & Bill Must

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OnPassive is the Answer to having a remarkably Successful Life for Users of the Internet. Never again will Anyone Lose Money, Their Dignity, Their Friends and Family, trying to make a Better Life for Themselves!! OnPassive is Risk-Free!!! Mr. Ash Mufareh Built into OnPassive a company that works with its users! There are no ‘Contraindications’ when using OnPassive’s State-of-the-Art Digital Products!! OnPassive is safe to use; with No Adverse Side Effects!!! OnPassive is Built to Help; Not Hurt those who use OnPassive as their company!!

OnPassive is the Blueprint to Financial Survival or Financial Opulence!! Whatever way a person uses OnPassive, He or She will be Successful! The World Needs the Stimulus that OnPassive provides! The Founders position in OnPassive is truly Remarkable!! Never has something that cost so Little; Returns so Much!!! Really, the Only Investment made is Patience!! Patience and Belief in OnPassive’s Ability to Deliver All that it has Promised. The Power of Believing in OnPassive should Consume all Founders!!

Look at the companies using the Internet to Monopolize and take money away from, honest and unsuspecting people!! There will be a change: When Users of the Internet Discover what OnPassive offers them; They will Leave those companies like never before and never come back! The Wave of Excited and Liberated People will be Staggering!!

Very soon our Wait will be Over!! How are we going to feel when we will Never have to Worry about Paying our Bills!! Not worrying about having enough money to Retire or Working until we are 60 years or older to Retire!! OnPassive is going to take care of All Founders: Then we will take care of those who are suffering Financially and Help Them!!

Make No Mistake About It!! Those Giant I.T. companies are going to Hate OnPassive!! Mr. Mufareh Knows That!! He has created OnPassive With Failure Resistant Materials: Love, Compassion, Caring for People!!! That is an Unbeatable Combination!! Let All of Us Catch the Spirit of OnPassive!!! Be Proud of what we have and Have been Given: OnPassive!!! OnPassive is the Cure-All for All who have Ventured into The Internet and Lost!! OnPassive will Solve All our Problems from Not having Money!! Having Money Causes Less Anxiety and Depression; Improving the Quality of Life for Millions of People!! We are Living in Momentous Times, where More and More People are Suffering Financially!! OnPassive will Eliminate a lot of Their Financial Problems and Concerns!! Mr. Ash Mufareh’s Love and Compassion for People are Perfectly Reflected in his Creating OnPassive!! No matter what the Competitors, who Hate OnPassive, try to do to Stop OnPassive; they will Fail spectacularly !! With Over 628,000 Loving and Compassionate Founders Supporting OnPassive; OnPassive Can’t be Defeated!! We are Almost There!!! The Journey has taken Longer than Some have thought. OnPassive is Moving Ahead!! OnPassive is Absorbing all the Noise, by Naysayers and not being Slowed down By It!! Nothing Great has Ever Been Accomplished by Rushing Ahead before it is Time!! The Creator of OnPassive has a System that has Never be Designed until Now!! A Completely Automated System that Assures Everyone who uses Its Products Will Succeed!!! That has Not been Done by Any Other Company Ever!! OnPassive is The First Company to Do It!! That is why OnPassive is Going to Disrupt the Norms of Doing Business on the Internet!! Thanks To OnPassive’s Innovative Genius, Mr. Ash Mufareh; Our Lives and the Lives of the People we Love and Know will Change Forever!! We All can See the Vision of Mr. Mufareh!! OnPassive’s Emergence is Imminent!! Keep the Faith!! The Force Protecting OnPassive is Powerful!! What is That Force?? It Is the Love for People!!! Love Conquers Hate!!!!

John White USA.
A Bill Must Production


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