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#ONPASSIVE: OnPassive is the Bridge between Poverty and Prosperity! – John White

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Founders in OnPassive!! OnPassive is the Bridge between Poverty and Prosperity! OnPassive has made it Simple for Anyone to make Money in the Hostile Arena of the Internet!! It does not matter about your Age or IQ!! What Counts are your Desire and Willingness to Try OnPassive On to see if it Fits!! OnPassive is Truly One Size Fits All!! Why?? Because OnPassive does the Work, you would have to do with other companies, and Takes that work out of your Hands!! OnPassive Does the Work for You!! You Cannot Messed that up!!
OnPassive is Smashing to Pieces the Norms of doing business on the Internet! You Do not have to be a Rhodes Scholar!! Just Someone with Common Sense!! OnPassive is going to Shock the world of the Internet and More!! OnPassive will open the eyes of those Giant Tech companies to do a Better way of doing Business. But for them; It will be too Late!! The moment those companies think they have the same products as OnPassive: OnPassive Changes the Game!! They Cannot hit a Moving Target!! OnPassive is Constantly Moving, Changing, Improving, Innovating!!! OnPassive is like a Chameleon, that changes Quickly and Adapts to Any Situation and Blend in and keep a Low Profile until its ready to Pounce on the Competition; rendering them Defenseless!! On Passive is Just Flat Built that Way!! All 466,675 Founders in OnPassive Tip our Hats to The Creative Innovator of OnPassive: Mr. Ash Mufareh!!!
John white

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