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Once two woodcutters had an argument, who of them could cut more wood from morning till evening. So, they decided to have a competition. In the morning the two men took up their position. First, they worked at the same speed cutting wood. But after an hour one of them was heard, while the other one had stopped cutting trees. Realizing that this was his chance to overtake, the first woodcutter started to cut trees with double speed. Ten minutes passed, and he heard that the second woodcutter had also started to work again. They were working almost synchronously for some time and then the first woodcutter did not hear any sound & realized that his opponent has stopped again. The first woodcutter started to work with more speed, feeling the smell of victory. This lasted all day long. Each hour one of the woodcutters stopped for ten minutes and the other one continued to work. When the time finished, the first woodcutter who worked without stopping was absolutely sure that he had won the competition and the prize.

But when the piles of wood were compared, he was very surprised to know that he was mistaken and the pile of the other woodcutter was far more. How did this happen? he asked his competitor Each hour I heard that you have stopped the work for ten minutes and I also doubled my effort. How could you cut more trees than I? It’s impossible, you must have cheated It was very simple, in fact, answered the second woodcutter, Each hour I stopped the work for ten minutes and when you were cutting the trees, I sharpened my axe and rested for a while so as to start the work with renewed vigour & my sharpened axe and fresh body helped me achieve better results. Sunday has been given to us by God to sharpen our axe, to refresh our body and mind to take on our onerous tasks and win the competitions in the balance days. Even God when he was creating the world rested on the seventh day.

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