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#ONPASSIVE the beautiful – Jeffrey Morlock

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Sung to the tune of “America, The Beautiful’
Lyrics by Jeffrey Morlock – 15MAR21
How eager-filled yet easy-going
As gentle as the breeze.
ONPASSIVE now, will show you how
to move your life with ease
We’ll grow in grace
to run the race
to seed our members dreams
while value grows
abundance flows
in everlasting streams
How wonderf’ly the borders fade
To bridge the mighty seas
Where culture blends
Have made new friends
And spreads our love with ease
Our truth is real and we can feel
the benefit for all
No limits here
We have no fear
And we are standing tall
How beautiful, how full of love
compassion overflows
to share the things
’til everybody knows
to set the captive free
we’ll fill the heart
and do our part
to lift humanity

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