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#Onpassive, the last Business you will ever need.
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Passive, get in as a Paid Founder, AND you will WIN
by letting the company AUTOMATE the Entire process.

Active, get in as a Paid Founder and Share
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Here is a quick Overview to further help
you understand Onpassive, and Gofounders.

Onpassive is a 100% Automated Project
that creates an INTERNET Business for YOU.

Onpassive SELLS its Tools and Products for
YOUR Business it created for you so that YOU
make MONEY as Customers are Generated.

Some of the products are: Domain Name, Web Hosting, Autoresponder,
Capture Pages, Landing Pages, Bulk Mailer, Email Data Cleaner,

Guaranteed Targeted Traffic, E-Learning, Webinar Hosting,
Human Resource Management, and a whole lot more,
combined with a Revolutionary and Proprietary Income Model.

How Do You Make Money?

Onpassive uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)
to Drive TRAFFIC to YOUR Domain Name
(the Website it created for you) through
Automated Guaranteed Advertising and Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence Software provides all the
Information about YOUR Business to all Visitors.

AI Software follows up with your Visitors,
answers their questions, and Closes the Sale,
ALL through an AUTOMATED process
that is 100% Done for you.


OVER TIME That Adds up to Thousands of Dollars
and in some cases Millions as the company continues
to generate customers for you, over and over again.

You could think of it this way.
All of the money you can make over the Next 5 Years
could help you create a Family Dynasty, or Your Own
Family Bank, if ALL you do is GET IN and let the company
AUTOMATE the entire process for you, using the latest
Artificial Intelligence Technology.

If you want to create Wealth FASTER.

You do a little bit of work by Sharing with others.
The More you Share, the Faster you get to your
income goal; 4 years, 3 years, 2 years, even 1 year.

You can be ON (ACTIVE) or You can be PASSIVE, the choice is yours.

ONLINE sales are expected to reach $4.9 Trillion this year
This is WHY I share it with others, to get my Share faster.
Are you ready for your Share?
500,000 Paid Founders have joined already.

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