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hi everyone how you doing red redford here once again okay so i want to talk to you about on passive not just about uh the company of on passive or the products or the services or anything else like that i want to talk to you about on passive the movement now you might think this is a little bit strange or you might not really understand what i’m going to be saying here but i’ve been involved with onpassive now for two and a half years and from when we started all the way back to where we are now with over half a million founders i’ve seen such a change in what this company is and it’s not necessarily the company that’s changed so much but it’s actually the foundership of the people who are involved with that and this stems all the way to the top from our ceo ash mufara and this is all filtered down through us and the rest of the founders and what i mean by this is on passive as a movement and now i’m not talking about cults and i’m not talking about all this sort of stuff here but what i am talking about here is the ideology of what we as founders are going to be doing with our apples in the future and how we are going to affect not only the online space but also the world as a whole you only have to look at papua new guinea now before i got involved in uh on passive i didn’t even know there was such a place called papua new guinea but obviously with david bakau and the rest of the team over there on passive is actually going to change their country and this is because of the ideology that is instilled in us from our ceo about helping other people now david and the rest of the team over there know exactly what it’s going to do for them not only personally but also as a community and country they know that they are going to have sufficient funds to be able to help as many other people i was very lucky enough to be on one of their webinars and if you listen to the founders who are there in papua new guinea they’re not talking about themselves they’re talking about what they can do for them community around them and helping other people and this is why we are now a movement of people it’s all about helping others of course fill your pockets with apples first but once we have filled them then we can go out into the community to help other people it is heart warming to be part of this movement i feel so at home here in on passive because i understand and because i know what i personally will be able to do in my circle of friends and community and if half a million people are all doing the same just imagine what impact that is going to have not only locally to us but actually to the whole world we are in a unique position to be able to do something at last about all of the things that come to mind and this is going to be through oh bless and many many other things anyway guys just a little snippet of how i’m feeling at the moment about on passive and about how lucky i feel to be part of not only this company but also this movement of people like you out there anyway guys thanks very much if you’re watching this on youtube thumb like that just underneath here give that a click that helps me get more exposure on youtube down here there is a little banner that says subscribe if you haven’t subscribed to my channel already give that a click and the bell next to it this will notify you when i do more videos and of course i love to hear from you stick it in the comments and i will respond also uh if you’re not a founder or a reseller of onpassive and you want to know more in the bio underneath there is a link just give that a click anyway guys thanks very much for watching and i’ll speak to you soon bye for now

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