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This post is from one of our PNG women founders – David Bakau – Papua New Guinea.

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This post is from one of our PNG women founders, Jocylyne Lydia Patterson which I wanted to share here for all to appreciate Mr.Michael Williams, quote, “Was indeed A super GREAT and AWESOME webinar. Thank you our country leader David BAKAU and all our POWERFUL leaders in our panel and extended thanks with Gratitude to our special guest Michael Williams, and our Bridge to OnPassive NATION, MARTY without him and DAVID we all wouldnt be here TODAY. So much to digest and can’t stop watching our webinar over and over. Salute to EVERYONE who participated AND oh how heart warming to see our children and fellow brother with his 100 plus team on board. And of course not forgetting our other mothers and many more who added flavour to our yesterday’s webinar in the presence of our GREAT C.E.O Ash Mufareh,oh WHAT A Surprise and A BLESSING to have him in our mist. Thank you thank you our leaders what A BLESSING hearing a lot of questions asked being answered . Our prayers 24/7 for God’s continued Grace protection provisions and favour upon our C.E.O Ash Mufareh his beautiful family and our hard working team working tirelessly to Meet and take us all (the 97% ) GLOBALLY to the TOP. Mr Ash Mufareh thank you for your VISION the ONLY LIFE STYLE as YOU say OnPassive BLESSING Us All GLOBALLY.

David Bakau – Papua New Guinea.

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