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The American Dream was founded with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 by 56 men. Now, 56 men and women of the Leadership Council of ONPASSIVE led by Ash Mufareh the originator, author, CEO, and founder of ONPASSIVE are poised to usher in the MPL: Mega Product Launch very soon. This will be the Bunker Hill for ONPASSIVE and their “shot heard around the world”. The MPL is set begin soon and the world will experience an earthquake that will shake the Internet, the entire economic system of the planet.

Being a Founder in ONPASSIVE is akin to being a Patriot in the American Revolution. Being a Founder now leads to TF: Total Freedom both in time, your time you can spend how you wish, and in finances, your ability to have the financial dream come true for your family. Now is the time to stake out your territory, your dream, the ONPASSIVE DREAM.

How do you become a founder, develop an income stream and why is ONPASSIVE going to succeed? Just by joining us as a Founder before we launch. Said Ash, “You have never seen, now will you see in your lifetime any company give you as much value as ONPASSIVE.”
We will unveil 50 products this year and it is surely the guiding plan for the company based on Ash Mufareh’s vision and goals that you profit from each.

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