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#Gofounders – Lead Your Team in the Right Direction in the Age of AI

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#Gofounders – Lead Your Team in the Right Direction in the Age of AI

AI and automation will alter the very essence of work. Leaders mustn’t neglect or encourage other leaders in the organization to neglect this AI and data-driven movement; what we call the “intelligence movement.” Finding out how to use AI, solving people-related issues, avoiding AI’s legal pitfalls, ensuring that you have the right technologies in place, and so on are all important considerations for today and tomorrow’s business leaders.

This technological revolution is going to change what becoming a successful leader, entails. It makes sense, then, that the intelligence revolution’s business leaders would need to adapt. The way we manage, organizations will shift, and the future’s influential leaders will need a slightly different skill set than the conventional attributes necessary for leadership.

What kind of talents do we talk about? We think the following five leadership qualities would need to be cultivated by influential leaders in the intelligence revolution:


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