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#Gofounders: ONPASSIVE Will Make It Possible To Plan Many Future Visits Steven Phillips

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I think it is safe to say 2020 has been a tough year for just about everyone. Like thousands of people, we have not been able to go places and do things like we used to. But it will be behind us soon. It may be a little premature to talk about New Years’, but our family has been invited to Florida to spend New Years’ with friends at their Oceanside home. Along with the fast-approaching launch of ONPASSIVE, better days are certain. These are just two things for my family to look forward to and be excited about. In short order, ONPASSIVE will make it possible to plan many future visits, events, and initiatives, increasing our quality of life and enjoyment. In addition, founders everywhere will be able to deliver resources worldwide and make a big difference, thus increasing the quality of life of others. The bigger picture: As Ash once stated in similar terms, fill your tank first and then start filling the tanks of others. So much to look forward to. In it to win it!

Steven Phillips – United States

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