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#gofounders – Thanks, Ash Mufareh for Making Sure to Achieve Something Big – William Norris

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#gofounders – Thanks, Ash Mufareh for Making Sure to Achieve Something Big – William Norris

I certainly feel that companies such as Facebook, zoom, Google, and many more will have a difficult time trying to compete with ONPASSIVE once it launches to the world. Simply because ONPASSIVE will offer the best and most up-to-date products and services in the world directed by artificial intelligence and automated technology all under one roof with the best customer service known to mankind. That is hard to even come close to matching by these other companies who are set in their own ways of doing business. Thanks to Ash Mufareh we have the jump on them and he is making sure to protect it all in every way possible. Please everyone does all you can to help him keep it all as secure as possible for as long as we need it. Don’t worry about launch day or time. Just be ready to rock & roll with the best of the best. Our business future depends on it.

William Norris – United States

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