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#OChat A conversational agent for your business

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A conversational agent for your business
An Easy to deploy sales agent
Know more about O-Chat.
The automated tool is a single unified platform that uses a broad range of methodologies
to create an interactive interface to address customer queries. It is easy to deploy and the
pre-defined industry models act as the primary conversational agents with your
O-Chat’s self-learning algorithm identifies the intent of the conversation and responds
accordingly. In the event where the machine fails to understand the intent, it immediately
escalates the issue to the customer relationship agent.
One of the unique features is, the tool recognizes the customers from the data, recollect
previous conversations and make necessary diagnosis to the situation. The chat-bot
recognizes the emotion of the agent and make quick escalations while addressing matters
that require immediate attention.
The tool is to integrate with other business partners and it can be trained for various
categories. It uses the data to resolve the issue, communicate with the previous
customers, simplify the customer conversion path and improve customer engagement.
Key features.
O-Chat is designed to cater to your customer’s needs and issues. The smart chat boat analyzes he customer’s urgency and makes necessary escalations.
Listed here are some of its additional key features.
Integrates with CRM.
Emotionally Intelligent.
Autonomous Reasoning.
Free to Explore.
Right answers in a flash.
Conversational Maturity.
Keep in touch for updates on O-Chat.
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