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#ONPASSIVE BLOG VIDEO: Artificial intelligence in e learning platforms upgrading education sector

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We all know that how everything has changed post-pandemic. Every industry had to find new ways to run their processes to survive during the pandemic and post-pandemic situation. The same implies to the education sector. Still the schools, colleges, and Universities in most of the countries follow virtual classes system as the situation hasn’t saturated. But most of us feel that this virtual mode of teaching is weakening the education sector as teachers are not able to pay enough attention to students. Meanwhile, the students are also finding it difficult to understand the concepts. We cannot say that the same issue did not exist during regular classes, but the situation has become more worse when it comes to virtual classes. Whether regular or online, the question is how we can provide the best learning experience to students, without increasing the stress or workload on teachers, in the best productive way possible. Artificial Intelligence based solutions is the answer to this issue

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