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#OnPassive is for the Helpless and the Hopeless! Founders in #OnPassive – John White – USA

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OnPassive is for the Helpless and the Hopeless! Founders in OnPassive; let us always remember what Motivated Mr. Ash Mufareh to create OnPassive. It is his Heartfelt Mission to Change what has been causing Helplessness and Hopelessness for an exceptionally Long time; for Millions perhaps Billions of Internet Users!! The Time is Here to Right All of The Wrongs, that have Taken away the Desires to Better-One shelf! People Are Starting to Notice OnPassive on the Internet. They are Looking at products produced by OnPassive that are going to bring New Life for Themselves and they are excited about that! The Helpless are going to be Helped!! The Hopeless is going to be able to Dream again! OnPassive will do that for them by giving them something that is Uncomplicated: User Friendly!! No more of You must Read the small print!! Everything they need to have to conduct business on the Internet and Provide for Their Families; OnPassive has them Covered! Guess Work and Maybe: will be Eliminated!

Newbies on the Internet will Thrive with OnPassive!! No more Gurus taking their money by Tricking them into something Doomed for Failure! Those companies know that 97% of people fail to make money because; Those companies have a model built on Greed; not Goodness!! Those companies have Monopolized the Internet from its Inception! They have had it Good for so long that they thought that they were Invincible. They Reasoned: No other company would Dare Challenge them!! Then something Started to Change! They started hearing about a company called OnPassive. They noticed that people were signing up to become Founders in OnPassive! Information Started Appearing on the Internet about a company that has not Launched! Those companies started doing research about OnPassive. They found that OnPassive started in the summer of 2018; by a man named Ash Mufareh! They wondered how one man could start a company that has Attracted over a Half Million People and the company has not open for Business!! These Giant companies did not expect this tiny seed of a company to Grow into this Massive Tree that is about to Fall on all of them! They were not paying Attention!! The Genie is Out of the Bottle and they Cannot get it back in the Bottle!!

These companies are extremely Nervous about what OnPassive has to offer the Customers that they have been holding Captive for Decades!! Those companies and the Whole World are witnessing the Birth of a Giant called OnPassive!! Those Companies have Waited too Long!! The Birth of OnPassive is Not Premature!! It is Happening Right on Time!! Founders have Supported and taken Care of OnPassive!! Now OnPassive is Going to Support and Take Care of its Founder!! OnPassive is going to make sure that its Founders Take Care of the Helpless and the Hopeless They Will Never is Helpless and Hopeless Again!! Mr. Ash Mufareh has Taken Care of All of That with his Creation of OnPassive! Thank you, Sir, !!!

John White – United States.
A Bill Must Production

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