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OnPassive! We as Founders, are Recipients of the Largest Discovery of Gold Ever!! – John White

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Hello Friends and Founders in OnPassive! We as Founders, are Recipients of the Largest Discovery of Gold Ever!! OnPassive is that Gold, that is being Mined for the Benefit of all its Founders and Their Love Ones and Friends!! This Gold Mine of OnPassive didn’t cause any Harm or Discomfort!! It Happened because it was Time for it to Happen!! The Discovery of this Gold came at this Time when it is needed the Most. The World needs this Massive Show of Love that OnPassive is built on. Something to make this Life better for All!!

OnPassive has given its Founders Licenses to give out this Gold to all who need Help!! Never in the History of Business has there Ever been a Company Designed like OnPassive!!! OnPassive is Totally Revolutionary!! It Is Without Equal! The World is Entering the Dawn of OnPassive!! OnPassive is that Light in the Sky that will remove the Dark and Shady Practices, by those Companies that Dominate the Internet! Users of the Internet had no choices: Until the Arrival of OnPassive!! OnPassive is that Phenomenon that All Companies are trying to Prevent from Happening!! But they are Fighting a Losing Battle!!

The Time is Right for this Technological and Innovative Giant OnPassive!! The Companies doing business on the Internet, have Met their Match and Beyond!!! OnPassive is that Quiet Storm, that has been Brewing For Over Two years, and not been Detected by Radar, that has Now Sneeked; upon all Unsuspecting Companies, not Paying Attention!! That light in the Sky is the Lightening, Produced by OnPassive, that is about to Strike All Companies on the Internet!! OnPassive is No Longer Quiet!!!! OnPassive is a Full Grown Hurricane and the Competition can’t Run Away from It!!! Mr. Ash Mufareh and Staff Knew and onPassive Founders Knew about This Hurricance and Tried to Warn the World but only a few would Listen!! Founders aren’t we Glad that we Listened and Trusted the Vision of Mr. Mufareh!!!!

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