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If I may, I would like to paint a picture in your mind as to why becoming a founder in Onpassive is the best decision of your life. So, you have to first ask yourself why you made the decision to become a founder in the first place. What is the attraction that would cause good and loving people like yourself invest your hard-earned money to acquire a position in a company that is not even active yet? You know you will not start making money until the company launches. You can’t even test out the products that the company will be offering to see if in fact they will be as good as they profess. You know that if in fact that the products Onpassive will be offering are not that good, then the new name for this business will be the Titanic! Please allow me to paint a picture in your mind showing why you paid to become a Founder, and why you are trying to spread the word to as many people as possible. Instead of thinking about the Titanic and doom and gloom, you saw a vision. Your vision was more comparable to Noah’s Ark. You see, Noah’s Ark is a symbol of life. It is the boat that will take you from that job that you hate but go to work every day in order to provide for your family. It will take you to a new life of freedom to do the things that you love to do. To spend more time with your family. To help them when they need it most. To help not only your neighbors, but people far away. The gift and joy of giving. You see, the rain is coming. It will be here in a matter of weeks now. The Ark still has its boarding ramp down. Mr. Ash Mufareh has built the Ark and it is almost ready to sail. All around the world are invited. However, in a matter of a few weeks, the ramp will be raised and permanently be locked in place. There will be no more Founder positions offered. There are no other boats like this one. Once the Ark sails, money will start trickling in. At this point you may not be able to replace your income and will not be able to quit

your day job. However, the vision is that one day not too far away in the future, the Ark will land. When it lands for you, you will have reached your goal. That goal is the ability to either continue working or retire and enjoy doing the things you love. You see, this future is what you saw. This future is a dream for you and your family. A Godsend is something that is sent by God to us in order to help us out. A gift from God. You see, if you have bought a founder position, you have bought a ticket on the Ark to freedom. Our vision is that the opportunity to be a founder in the first place is in fact a gift from God to us. So, in closing, on your way to board the soon to close boarding ramp, if you see an old lady struggling to get to the ramp but needs help, be the good person and stop, pick her up in your arms, and carry her onto the Ark. And, while there is still time, leave the safety of the Ark to go out and find others who are struggling and try to help them onboard. Be the good person! The ship is about to sail!

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