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#OWallet is an AI powered digital mobile wallet application

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O-Wallet is an AI-powered digital mobile wallet application.
O-Wallet will utilize Facial Recognition as an additional security layer before initiating any financial transaction.

Know more about O-Wallet.
O-Wallet is one of the largest online commerce platforms offering its clients
a mobile wallet to store cash and make quick transactions. O-Wallet will
permit users to transfer funds amongst themselves within the OnPassive
payment gateway ecosystem. User can pay their friends, family and
merchants with the tap of a button. Users can withdraw O-Coins from O-
Wallet to their bank accounts.
O-Wallet will utilize Facial Recognition as an additional security layer before
initiating any financial transaction. From UPI Payments to mobile recharges,
money transfers to online bill payments can be done effectively on O-Wallet.
With a decent user interface, it has offered the most secure and fastest
online transaction experience. It also has notable highlights where it permits
its users to set reminders for dues, money transfers, and view mini-
statement for the transactions done already.
O-Wallet is broadly accepted by most merchants that accept mobile wallet
payments. You can likewise avail of the subscription/activation of products
through O-Wallet using O-Coins. O-Wallet is an ideal application that permits
you to save money through its various promotions and unique offers.
Key features of O-Wallet
Built for hassle-free online payments for the OnPassive ecosystem with all the features and rewards you love. O-Wallet is an AI-powered digital mobile wallet application offering numerous features:

Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Payments.
Safe and secure.
Fraud detection feature.
Instant Payments Between Wallets.
Merchant Payments via Contactless Technologies (NFC or QR code Scanning).
Easy and Fast Self-Registration.
Stores Credit and Debit Card Information.
Much more to come so please keep in touch.
A Bill Must Production

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