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Remember the calm before the storm – Dan Dupey – United States

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Remember, the calm before the storm?

This may seem like a “calm” before the storm waiting for OnPassive to lift, or take off.

But, it is NOT so. In this special case, there is NO “calm” before this great storm, if you will, on the great blast off of OnPassive.

There is NOTHING calm going on before this great blast.

The engineers, the AI specialists, the back office script writers, the fine tuning specialists, as well as ASH, himself, are extremely busy preparing and burning the night oil to expose this internet giant to the world, as well as for us!

So much is going on to make this better than we ever imagined in every phase, it would be shocking to all of us if we knew.

So, be thankful, be excited, be ready for a beautiful blast off of an unbelievable looking machine called: OnPassive over the next few weeks!

Dan Dupey – United States

A Bill Must Production

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