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So you know about ONPASSIVE? – Mohammed Sharef

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So you know about OnPASSIVE?

It’s not MLM, not network marketing, not like any google or FB, or del or Intel, or yahoo, or Amazon, or anything on this world. You name one company that can compete or get closer to OnPASSIVE?

Why OnPASSIVE is and will be ahead of any other companies is for a simple reason.
They will give out maximum returns to you and me. What do you think now?

Are you getting my point, my friends?
All these years, all these good companies made a huge and huge income for themselves and for their shareholders.
But now we twist or change the table. Here in OnPASSIVE we give the maximum to simple people who never had any dreams. Who had not even a bank account? OnPASSIVE
is asking you to create a bank account. Do you all understand sir/madam what this means? Do you all have a clue what it’s gonna do once launched?

Which company so far in your entire life has come up and said hey bro you have this share of my companies profits. No one will ever other than OnPASSIVE.

I didn’t know how much we tell and share this to our people and yet they don’t get it.
Do you think something from the sky is gonna fall?
Come on guys please be practical and think.
If not OnPASSIVE what else you got secured?
Trust me not your Job nor any business like this.
Nobody will ever take all this risk to do it for you and me.
And that’s our C.E.O ASH a gem of a person, as simple as he can, so grounded to earth without ego or attitude.

Am shouting to you all do you understand the magnitude this company is going to create my friends?

Come on guys wake up please or sleep forever. Period.

Am not in any intention to hurt anybody.

I ask for forgiveness if you think I did.

But I want you all to just get in when the chance is still there.
Come on in and secure your founder position now. Everything will follow you.

Trust me, my friends. Close to 800k what do you think all these are?
From Nuclear scientists to our own well-renowned top 100 doctors across the globe Dr. Bill and his top peers. There are many to name but that’s not what my post is about.

It’s for anybody and everybody and if you share with others, with your known people around they will thank you for life trust me.

Look at this pandemic what it has done guys? It has made us realize life is larger than anything. And at the right time, OnPASSIVE is coming.

So now think It’s all written, we are at the right time at the right place at the right opportunity.

So now you know what’s OnPASSIVE is all about.

Love you all.

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