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You probably won’t believe this – Denis Owens

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You probably won’t believe this, but when I first went to school? In the little village of Edith Weston, in Rutland, England.
This was at the beginning of the war. Because there was a shortage of paper, we used Slates to write on and do our sums. This was an oblong slate in a wooden frame, we scratched it with a ‘slate pencil’ we rubbed it with a damp rag to clean the impressions off, then start all over again!
Now, here I am, writing this on a machine, stuffed with so much technology it is capable of plotting a course for a rocket to go to the moon. Crazy, or what?
Technology has moved on at a phenomenal rate in my lifetime, From gas-filled balloons to supersonic flight, it’s all so amazing.
From a little lad whose family were really quite poor, to a man now in his 89th year, enjoying the future prospects of providing everlasting wealth for my entire family, my children, their children, And their children’s children are nothing less than a miracle.
OnPassive in general and Mr. Ash Mufareh, in particular, has made my life complete. I am so very lucky to be here among such a happy and contented group of people, people from all walks of life, from every nation in the world, each sharing a common desire to help themselves to a better life and in doing so, helping the world in general too.
We are all blessed, we should thankful for what we are about to receive.

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