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In todays video in discussing money and what my experience with earning on youtube has been

enjoy the video !

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40 thoughts on “The Truth about Making Money on Youtube”
  1. Thank you for this video. It funny how we want to be your business and not do our share part of helping our sisters get cash. Will not be skipping those ads on your page!!

  2. i love hearing the stories of other YouTubers 😍 it really motivates small YouTubers like me! πŸƒkeep up your good work guys! Letβ€˜s try to help each other grow πŸ”who else started during COVID-19? πŸ˜‚

  3. Thanks for your helpful information that inspired me a lot…. currently I'm vlogging in my phone….. click on my icon and subscribe and comment how they are.. this gains me confidence ..❀️

  4. Hey Thato I love watching your videos they so natural I've always wanted to start doing makeup videos on YouTube but I didn't know how it works after I have watched your videos I was like she a heaven sent alteast now we have a clear view and information on how you make money on YouTube your really rock thank you very much…I think that's the first steps we need to know…❀

  5. I love you so I am getting myself into the habit of watching the ads but it's not easy πŸ˜… cause some are bad and I am actually someone who enjoys creating ads so yeah, love you πŸ’‹

  6. I honestly didnt understand the whole concept of adverts on YouTube while watching a video but because I'm all for empowerment i will start watching the adverts and not skip the. And tbh if I can afford to watch a 30minutes video on YouTube i bet I'm not losing anything for watching a 60-90 second advert. Never will i ever fast forward through an advert again.

  7. And I just watched all almost 2 minutes of the annoying Expert Option Broker lady πŸ™„πŸ€£ and I won’t skip your ads anymore sis wami. ❀️

  8. That undercharging is annoying in the music game too. We struggle because others don’t know their worth and us looking to be premium brands have a hard time with bookings.

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