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This video is about the truth about work from home jobs lies exposed and scams. There are a lot of things that goes on in these at home jobs that are not talked about at all online, but I’m going to reveal some of the things that you should know when it comes to home based jobs.There are plenty good work from home jobs out there but lots of them require experience or some special knowledge or college degree, but most youtubers will not tell you that. If you want to know how to start working from home there are many things you should know about real online jobs (Check out the video above for info.)

Why work from home? Well there are many great benefits to working from home like being home with family, no need for daycare etc… but I think personally a JOB is not the way to go you should try Affiliate Marketing. When it comes to job vs business I will pick a business everytime and that’s basically what AM is. Should i work from home is it real or fake? Well if you ask me I will tell 100% without a doubt yes, but honestly it’s all about you I’m just here to give you the advantages and disadvantages of them both.

Before I end this I want to tell you don’t listen to people who say never work from home, because it is truly a beautiful thing. Check out my other videos on the truth about making money online below. Real work from home jobs.

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20 thoughts on “The Truth About Work From Home Jobs (Lies Exposed!)”
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  4. Hey. Great video, telling the truth about at home jobs. Out of interest, I clicked the link to the affiliate marketing page and the first video worked fine, but the second one has no audio. Is there another link where i can view it with audio ?

    Edit- never mind. I just pressed the audio button again and it worked the second time.

  5. I just want something to fill the gap, as I am going to retire next yr at age 62 I am 61 on disability for health reasons I got a kidney transplant, and I will have to get off of it at end of yr, thanks

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