Top 3 Things a Millennial Should Learn From The Money Guy!
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26 thoughts on “Top 3 Things a Millennial Should Learn From The Money Guy!”
  1. Hi, I'm new to the Money Guy following and have a question. What is your opinion on having a non-tax leveraged brokerage account to "save" for things like house payments, cars, etc. that aren't necessary items at the moment, but will become necessary as our older cars fall apart or our starter house becomes too small for an expanding family? All of this assuming that our 401k contributions are meeting the employer match, debt free (except mortgage), etc… We are trying to treat this as a "retire a bit early, but pay for the bigger items first" savings but don't like the idea of stuffing our money into savings accounts that don't keep up with inflation.

  2. Make the kids read “rich dad poor dad”. I have my son sit with me when I check my stocks every day. This way he can see me get excited about putting money in and watching it grow.
    I’m really trying to install the idea of buying cash producing assets with a buy and hold mentality.

  3. Make your children work for what they want and need. Set up a trust fund for the inheritance money to be left to your children with special instructions so they don' t blow it. Set up a Roth IRA for your children and teach.them on how to invest for their retirement.

  4. One nitpick I have is you should emphasize that putting down less than 8-10% could mean the seller has to cough up cash at closing if they have to sell. In other words, they should be buying a house with nothing down only if they intend to stay in it for at least 5 years, otherwise they’re taking significant liquidity risk. Alternatively, they could buy a house under market value and make improvements that build equity. But I’ve seen too many people think they’re being smart by buying a house with 3.5% down only to find that the house hasn’t appreciated much and selling after only two years will end up costing them.

  5. Great info on how to split up your investment types based on your account type. I had not really thought about that, but then again I’m young enough so all my accounts are in stocks. But when I start the transition to more conservative holding I will move my traditional 401k towards conservative assets, while keeping my Roth accounts in the market.

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